Rachmaninoff- for me (and many others) possibly the greatest pianist in recorded history.

You want to talk about push and pull of phrases!!! THIS is what music is.

Marechal Debussy Sonata- he played at least once with Debussy. It doesn't make this 'authoritative' but it is interesting and different from what has become standard.

Especially mvt. II

Beatrice Harrison in the first recording of the Elgar concerto with him conducting, 1920. Listen to the tempos and how they change the conception of the piece!! (they made heavy cuts to make it fit on the discs)


Ilona Eibenschutz, friend of Brahms and Clara Schumann discusses her times with them and plays some excerpts. Incredible link to history- listen to the phrasing and timing in the performance. Also unbelievable first hand stories of life and work with legends.

and an Intermezzo. Her tempi are MUCH faster than is standard today. Andante was not a slow tempo in the time these works were composed. Notice how melody predominates and determines the rhythm and flow.