A Feuermann playlist:

An amazing album by Gendron:


and if you've never heard young Casals, this may help you to understand why he was a revolution. His later recordings were uneven but here you hear him as he really was:

Zara (Nelsova) has been on my mind as I drove up here. Partly because I listened to some recordings of hers I had never before heard, and partly because I first met her in Aspen, and it changed my life and my understanding of what one could be as a musician.I wrote a bit about that side of her here https://tinyurl.com/ybqsu596, but as I get older what I am realizing is just how damn good a cellist and musician she was. It's difficult to appreciate when you are young, but now I see her- at least if you value the 'old' style as I do- as one of the the very greatest cellists in the 20th century, and I feel certain her playing is basically unknown to most of you. So here you go, we'll talk about the details in class. Enjoy:
Moor Prelude:

Lalo Concerto:

Her favorite version of Schelomo, which she played extensively and recorded with Bloch:

Chopin Sonata Largo: